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The Acorn Studios

The Acorn Studios is a 2D Resident Artist building, consisting of 6 individual studios where creativity reigns. These studios are on a yearly lease, with volunteering for ACA expected. There is an assortment of artists and mediums: Pastel, Monotype/Letterpress, Oil, Acrylic, Beading and Liquid Pouring. Artists have 24/7 access to their studios.

There is a large classroom where students can learn, play, and create in a variety of mediums.
































































Blown Glass Studio

ACA’s newest studio was designed for no experience necessary to experienced glass workers. Our goal is to provide people with an amazing experience and ensure this art form is accessible. The glass will speak for itself by focusing on its inherent qualities: fluidity, transparency, and color.


The Ceramics Studio at the Adrian Center for the Arts is a melting pot of individuals of varying interests and skill levels. More often than not, you will find one of us teaching each other on a new technique or offering advice on what went wrong with a piece. We offer classes for the novice and the learned. We have space for resident ceramic artists and associate members. With their dedication of time, we are able to offer open studio hours for students in classes to practice their skills. We have 10 electric wheels, a slab roller, and an extruder. Our studio currently offers cone 6 firing in our electric kilns. We have 15 studio glazes for student/member use. We also fire our Raku kiln at least twice a year.


The ACA Glass Studio is a multi-purpose teaching studio featuring the equipment and space needed to teach and learn cold glass, warm glass, and hot glass. Grinders, cutters, various hand tools, and several soldering stations are readily available to students working in mosaics and copper-foiled stained glass. Large work tables with stools provide plenty of workspace. In addition, several size kilns are installed in the studio for kiln-formed (fused) glass projects.

Four complete working torch stations, which can be expanded to 6 stations, as well as a separate teacher station, have fire-resistant surfaces and appropriate ventilation. Lampwork (torchwork) classes are fully equipped for glass bead-making, glass ornaments, and small sculpture creations as well as torch enameling. Torches are fueled by tanked oxygen and propane. Quick connections with flashback arrestors allow various-size torches to be swapped out as needed. Two annealing kilns for torchwork are available. 2 large whiteboards are conveniently located for classes. A small kitchenette is present in the studio with a refrigerator and microwave. A working sink and first aid kit are included so that classes have access to water and first aid. This studio is easily accessible as it’s on the ground floor with parking at the door and easy bathroom access.

Letterpress/  Printmaking Studio

The studio is equipped with everything needed to set type (furniture, spacing, composing sticks, pica
rulers, planes, imposing stone, etc.). Choose typefaces from 3 double cabinets of wood and metal type,
6 point lead to 6” wood type, plus decorative “cuts” (blocks). Print on 2 tabletop platen presses, 3 sign
presses, and a Vandercook No. 1 proofing/sign press. We have plenty of rubber-based and oil-based inks and paper stock.

For other types of printmaking, there is a Dickerson etching press (bed size: 26 x 48”), print drying rack, small exposing unit, Akua intaglio inks, Caligo relief inks, and oil-based ink (black). Studio is equipped for intaglio and relief printing, dry point, monotype, photopolymer plates.


Open spacious fabrication and casting studio. State-of-the-art tools and equipment including but not limited to sheet overhead sheer, hydraulic press, steel rolling mill, centrifugal and vacuum casting, flex shafts, and buffers. Texturing and numerous etching modalities add to this creative workspace. One-and-done, series classes, open studio times, and resident memberships prevent multiple opportunities for novice to expert with friendly expert staff










































Equipment includes band saws, drill presses, welders, pneumatic die grinders and chisels, and an assortment of hand tools. Casting and carving plaster and stone, shaping wood, welding and brazing steel, and mixed media using found objects comprise the possibilities. Classes emphasize thinking three-dimensionally while learning the concepts of design with both traditional and contemporary approaches are offered. We encourage students with a breadth of experience levels, from students who are new to sculpture or those experienced with sculptural technique.

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Aca Youth

Youth Studio

The Youth Studio was developed with the purpose of providing a space for the youth in our community to nurture their creative development. The educational goal is to provide the opportunity to learn different media, processes, and styles of art making, while also encouraging students to experiment and create solutions that reflect their uniqueness.

We believe every child is an artist, consequently, we strive to develop confidence and enthusiasm in artmaking while guiding them to be lifelong artists and advocates for the arts.

Kids and Teen Club, Kids and Teen camps, and a variety of other programs provide opportunities for young artists to grow their skills and experience the multitude of approaches to artmaking. The Youth Studio also collaborates to provide educational enrichment programs for public schools, homeschooling groups, the Boys & Girls Club of Lenawee, and other institutions. Community outreach brings awareness to the studio through ArtAlicious and other events. 

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